Questions on Kay Livingstone!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Kay Livingstone and how she impacted society!

Born Kathleen Jenkins in London, Ontario, Kay Livingstone was a social activist, actress and
broadcaster. She was famous for curating the first national Congress of Black Women in Canada. Livingstone dedicated her life to social activism and organizing. She worked tirelessly to encourage a national discussion about racialized people in society, particularly Black women.



  1. What led Kay Livingstone to become involved in activism and politics, particularly in regards to issues faced by Black Canadian women?
  2. What were some of the major accomplishments of Kay Livingstone during her activism and political career?
  3. How did Kay Livingstone's experiences as a Black Canadian woman shape her activism and political career?
  4. How did Kay Livingstone's approach to activism and politics differ from that of other Black Canadian activists and politicians of her time?
  5. What specific issues did Kay Livingstone focus on in her activism and politics, particularly in regards to the Black community and women?
  6. How did Kay Livingstone's activism and leadership influence the broader movements for civil rights, gender equality and feminism in Canada?
  7. What was Kay Livingstone's role in the Black feminist movement in Canada?
  8. How did Kay Livingstone's race and gender shape her experiences and the reception of her activism and politics?
  9. How has Kay Livingstone's legacy been remembered and celebrated in the years after her death?
  10. How has Kay Livingstone's story been told and retold throughout history and how has this impacted the way she is remembered today?
  11. What possibly compels someone to be a social activist like Kay Livingstone? What issues do you feel are important to Black women to focus on?
  12. The Congress of Black Women of Canada still exists today. Find a chapter, research what they are presently doing and describe how their activities are helping society?
  13. How do issues immigrant and/or poor Black women differ than those faced by middle class /rich Black women or do they?
  14. Why is it important for Black women and women of color to organize?
  15. Why is the Congress of Black Women in Canada and organizations for Black women important/not-important?
  16. Why is it important to pay special attention to female voices and experiences within the Black advocacy movement?


Kathleen 'Kay' Livingstone National Historic Person (1918-1975)

Canada 150/150 : Kathleen Livingstone