Questions on Donald Moore!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Donald Moore and how he impacted society!

Born in Barbados, Donald Moore also known as "Uncle Don" was a African-Canadian civil
rights activist who fought to change Canada’s immigration laws. Donald Moore was instrumental in leading a delegation to Ottawa to successfully push the government of Canada to revise discriminatory immigration laws.



1. Donald Moore was born in Barbados, a country in the Caribbean. What issues face immigrants from other countries when they come to Canada concerning housing, employment and education??

2. Donald Moore and several other people got the government of Canada to change its immigration laws that prevented millions of people from the Caribbean and other places from immigrating to Canada. What are some of the reasons do you think would compel someone to migrate to Canada?

3. What is “activism” and why is it important?

4. Research Donald Moore and learn about his accomplishments. What can be learned from these accomplishments and how can they improve society?

5. Describe the feeling you might have if you were not allowed to enter a country based on your race or place of origin. Has there been a time in your life when you feel your birth place, race, religon, gender, sexual orientation, etc. was held against you? 


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