Questions on Addie Aylestock!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Addie Aylestock and how she impacted society!

In 1951, Addie Aylestock was ordained a minister, becoming the first ordained woman minister of the British Methodist Episcopal Church. Aylestock was also the first African- Canadian woman minister in Canada. Reverend Aylestock served over 20 years as a minister and both developed and further organized BME congregations in Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia.



1) Where did BME have other congregations across the country?

2) How long did Aylestock serve as a minister?

3) Which church did Addie Aylestock minister to?


1) What spiritual and religious faith did Addie Aylestock practice? How has spirituality
and faith played a role in Black history.

2) What is the history of the British Episcopal Church in Canada? How has the BME impacted the Black community?

3) Why is it important to prioritize ethic diversity in religious practice and administration?