Questions on Muhammad Ali

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Muhammad Ali and how he impacted society!


  1. Who was Muhammad Ali?
  2. What was Muhammad Ali famous for?
  3. What sport did Muhammad Ali excel in?
  4. How many times did Muhammad Ali win the World Heavyweight Championship?
  5. Why is Muhammad Ali considered an important figure in Black history?
  6. Can you name one of Muhammad Ali's famous quotes?
  7. What did Muhammad Ali do outside of boxing to make a difference?
  8. How did Muhammad Ali inspire people around the world?
  9. What values did Muhammad Ali demonstrate in his life?
  10. How did Muhammad Ali's actions contribute to the fight for equal rights and social justice?


    1. How did Muhammad Ali use his platform as a renowned boxer to advocate for social and political change?
    2. What were some of the key moments or events in Muhammad Ali's career that demonstrated his impact beyond the boxing ring?
    3. In what ways did Muhammad Ali challenge societal norms and expectations, both as an athlete and as a civil rights activist?
    4. How did Muhammad Ali's conversion to Islam and his name change reflect his identity and beliefs?
    5. What were some of the controversies or conflicts Muhammad Ali faced due to his outspoken views and refusal to serve in the Vietnam War?
    6. How did Muhammad Ali's activism contribute to the broader Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s and 1970s?
    7. What were some of the significant challenges Muhammad Ali faced throughout his career, and how did he overcome them?
    8. In what ways did Muhammad Ali inspire and influence future generations of athletes, activists, and individuals around the world?
    9. What were some of the long-lasting impacts and legacies of Muhammad Ali's contributions to sports, civil rights, and social justice?
    10. Reflecting on Muhammad Ali's life and achievements, what lessons can we learn about the power of using one's voice and influence for positive change?


  1. Biography Research Project: Students can be assigned a research project on Muhammad Ali's life, where they delve into his early years, boxing career, activism, and legacy. They can present their findings through presentations, written reports, or creative projects.

  2. Oral History Project: Students can interview individuals who witnessed Muhammad Ali's impact firsthand, such as civil rights activists, journalists, or community members who attended his fights or speeches. The recorded interviews can be compiled into an oral history project, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of Ali's influence.

  3. Documentary Film Project: Students can collaborate to create a short documentary film about Muhammad Ali. They can research, write scripts, film interviews or reenactments, and edit the footage to present Ali's life story, highlighting his achievements, challenges, and his impact on society.

  4. Art Exhibition: Students can curate an art exhibition that explores different aspects of Muhammad Ali's life and legacy. They can create artwork inspired by his boxing career, activism, or personal values. The exhibition can include paintings, sculptures, photography, or mixed media pieces, allowing students to express their interpretations of Ali's life.

  5. Social Justice Campaign: Students can develop a social justice campaign inspired by Muhammad Ali's activism. They can identify a cause they are passionate about, create awareness materials, and organize events or initiatives to promote positive change in their school or community. This project would highlight the connection between Ali's values and contemporary social justice issues.