Questions on Daurene Lewis!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Daurene Lewis and how she impacted society!


  1. What led Daurene Lewis to become involved in politics, particularly in her role as the first Black woman mayor in Nova Scotia?
  2. What were some of the major accomplishments of Daurene Lewis during her political career?
  3. How did Daurene Lewis's experiences as a Black Canadian woman shape her political career and the issues she chose to focus on?
  4. How did Daurene Lewis's political ideology and approach differ from those of other Black Canadian politicians of her time?
  5. What specific policies or initiatives did Daurene Lewis propose or support during her time in office to address issues faced by Black Canadians and women?
  6. How did Daurene Lewis's leadership and advocacy influence the broader movement for civil rights and gender equality in Nova Scotia?
  7. What was Daurene Lewis's role in the civil rights movement in Nova Scotia?
  8. How did Daurene Lewis's race and gender shape her experiences and the reception of her political career?
  9. How has Daurene Lewis's legacy been remembered and celebrated in the years since her time in office?
  10. How has Daurene Lewis's story been told and retold throughout history and how has this impacted the way she is remembered today?
  11. Why was Lewis being the first female black mayor relevant? What did her victory symbolize?
  12. Where was Daurene Lewis born? Were there other Black role models in politics at the time that she could have used as an example?
  13. What year was Lewis made a Member of the Order of Canada. What is the Order of Canada (OAC)? What African-Canadians do you know of that should be in the OAC?
  14. Why do you think it was important for Lewis to increase awareness of Annapolis Royal’s history? How did it benefit that community and Nova Scotia in general?
  15. What is the importance of electing more black politicians when looking to establish inclusivity and equity in politics?


1. BBPA HARRY JEROME Trailblazer Award Recipient 2011- Dr. Daurene Lewis


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