Questions on Eleanor Collins!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Eleanor Collins and how she impacted society!

Eleanor Collins was a Canadian jazz singer, television host, and civic leader. She is historically known as Canada’s First Lady of Jazz. Collins was one of the first black artists in North America to host a national, weekly television series. She is recognized as a civic leader and pioneer in the development of British Columbia’s music industry.


  1. What specific issues or causes did Eleanor Collins advocate for during her activism career?
  2. How did Eleanor Collins's background and experiences shape her activism?
  3. How did Eleanor Collins's activism contribute to the advancement of civil rights for Black Canadians?
  4. What methods or strategies did Eleanor Collins use to raise awareness and mobilize support for her causes?
  5. How did Eleanor Collins collaborate or work with other activists and organizations during her career?
  6. How did Eleanor Collins's activism contribute to the development of the Black feminist movement in Canada?
  7. What challenges did Eleanor Collins face as a Black Canadian woman activist and how did she overcome them?
  8. How did Eleanor Collins's activism impact the Black Canadian community and society as a whole?
  9. How has Eleanor Collins's legacy been remembered and celebrated after her death?
  10. How does Eleanor Collins's activism relate to current social and political movements in Canada and around the world?
  11. What was Collins’ primary career? Why have entertainers been important to the struggle for civil rights?
  12. Collins was part of the first interracial cast in Canada. What roles do movies and tv series play in changing society
  13. What is the impact of having an interracial cast on TV or plays on younger viewers? Given this, what do you imagine was Collins’ impact on CBC viewers and as a result, Canadian society?