Questions on Portia White!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Portia White and how she impacted society!

 Portia White was a contralto and the first African-Canadian concert singer to achieve international fame. White was considered one of the best classical singers of the 20th century. In 1999, Canada Post issued a stamp bearing her image. In 1995, White was named a “person of national historic significance” by the Government of Canada in95.



  1. Who was Portia White and what was her significance in Canadian history?
  2. What challenges did Portia White face as a Black female singer in Canada during the mid-20th century?
  3. How did Portia White work to break down barriers for Black Canadians in the performing arts?
  4. What was Portia White's operatic repertoire and what themes did she often sing about?
  5. How did Portia White's performances help to change public perceptions of Black Canadians?
  6. How did Portia White's achievements inspire future generations of Black Canadians in the performing arts?
  7. What was the impact of Portia White's performances on audiences both in Canada and internationally?
  8. How did Portia White use her platform to address issues of race and discrimination?
  9. What were some of the accomplishments of Portia White during her lifetime?
  10. How is the legacy of Portia White remembered and celebrated today?
  11. What is the importance of Portia White doing a special command performance for Queen
  12. What is a contralto and why is it important for Canadians to know that African-Canadians perform in this role as well as others?
  13. What occupations have few African-Canadians involved in them and why is it important to have more? Select an occupation and explain your opinion.