Questions on Anderson Ruffin!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Anderson Ruffin and how he impacted society!

Toronto-born Anderson Ruffin was the first African-Canadian to be licensed as a physician. Abbott served in the Union army as a civilian surgeon during the American civil war. Abbot’s career as a physician included participation in the American Civil War. His other significant roles included being coroner of Kent County, Ontario, and surgeon-in-chief.


  1. Who was Anderson Ruffin and what was his significance as a Black Canadian physician in the 19th century?
  2. What were some of the major accomplishments of Anderson Ruffin throughout his medical career?
  3. How did Anderson Ruffin's experiences as a Black Canadian shape his medical career and the issues he chose to focus on?
  4. How did Anderson Ruffin's approach to medicine differ from that of other Black Canadian physicians of his time?
  5. What specific challenges did Anderson Ruffin face as a Black Canadian physician and how did he overcome them?
  6. How did Anderson Ruffin's medical career contribute to the advancement of civil rights for Black Canadians?
  7. How did Anderson Ruffin's race and identity shape his experiences and the reception of his medical career?
  8. How has Anderson Ruffin's legacy been remembered and celebrated in the medical community and society as a whole?
  9. How did Anderson Ruffin's career relate to the broader historical context of Black Canadians in the 19th century?
  10. How does Anderson Ruffin's story fit into the larger narrative of the contributions of Black Canadians to the development of the country's health care system?
  11. What medical specialty did Anderson practice in and why was it important for the war effort and society? Is the practice still important? Why?
  12. What other types of medical professionals serve in the military?
  13. Why is racial diversity in medical research and practice important?
  14. Who were some of the first Black Canadians to enter the medical profession and when did this happen?
  15. What were some of the challenges that Black Canadians faced when trying to enter the medical profession in Canada?
  16. How have Black Canadians contributed to the development of the medical profession in Canada over time?
  17. Can you name some Black Canadian doctors and identify how they service their community or Canadians in general?
  18. How have the experiences of Black Canadian doctors differed from those of white doctors in Canada?
  19. How have Black doctors worked to improve healthcare for Black communities in Canada?
  20. How has the representation of Black doctors in the medical profession changed over time in Canada?
  21. What are some of the specific health issues that affect Black Canadians and how have Black doctors addressed these issues?
  22. How has the Black medical community in Canada worked to support and mentor future generations of Black doctors?