Questions on Bromley Armstrong!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Bromley Armstrong and how he impacted society!

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Bromley Armstrong came to Canada and became an important part of the labour movement. He also helped establish Canada’s first anti-discrimination law. A self-described ally of the working poor, Armstrong lived most of his life as a trade unionist, community organizer, and activist before his death in 2012.



  1. What was the Black labour movement in Canada and why was it important?
  2. How did Black workers contribute to the development of the Canadian economy?
  3. What challenges did Black workers face in the workplace during the time of the Black labour movement?
  4. How did Black workers organize and fight for better working conditions and wages?
  5. What role did Black labour leaders play in advocating for the rights of Black workers in Canada?
  6. How did the Black labour movement intersect with the civil rights movement in Canada?
  7. What were some of the key demands of the Black labour movement and how were they addressed?
  8. How did the Black labour movement affect the lives of Black workers and their families?
  9. What are some of the lasting impacts of the Black labour movement in Canada on present-day society?
  10. How did the Black labour movement contribute to shaping the social, economic and political landscape in Canada?
  11. What social issues did Armstrong dedicate his life to and why should Canadians continue to resolve them?
  12. How is discrimination harmful to society? Why is it important for countries to provide legal protection against it?
  13. What labour issues continue to plague Canadian society?