Questions on Carrie Best!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Carrie Best and how she impacted society!

Carrie Best was born in Nova Scotia and was a Canadian journalist and social activist. She founded The Clarion in 1946, the first black-owned and published Nova Scotia newspaper. In 1952 Best started a radio show, The Quiet Corner. In 1974, she was made a Member of the Order of Canada and posthumously awarded the Order of Nova Scotia in 2002.


  1. What led Carrie Best to become involved in journalism and activism, particularly in regards to issues faced by Black Canadians?
  2. What were some of the major accomplishments of Carrie Best during her career as a journalist and civil rights advocate?
  3. How did Carrie Best's experiences as a Black woman shape her journalism and activism?
  4. How did Carrie Best's approach to journalism differ from that of other Black Canadian journalists of her time?
  5. What specific issues did Carrie Best focus on in her journalism and activism, particularly in regards to the Black community?
  6. How did Carrie Best's activism and journalism influence the broader movement for civil rights and equality in Nova Scotia?
  7. What was Carrie Best's role in the civil rights movement in Nova Scotia?
  8. How did Carrie Best's race and gender shape her experiences and the reception of her journalism and activism?
  9. How has Carrie Best's legacy been remembered and celebrated in the years since her death?
  10. How has Carrie Best's story been told and retold throughout history, and how has this impacted the way she is remembered today?
  11. Carrie Best used her occupation as a journalist to help the African-Canadian community. occupation? What occupation does a relative of yours have that can be of benefit to the African-Canadian community?
  12. Do you feel that the media reports issues that affect the Black community in a fair way? Discuss.
  13. What is the significance of Best becoming a Member of the Order of Canada? Find out other African-Canadians who have received this honor and discuss an achievement they accomplished that stands out to you.
  14. Carrie was not just a journalist. but a social activist. What is a social activist and how do they contribute to society? How do these roles complement each other?
  15. Why is black activism important? Discuss.


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