Questions on Ellen Johnson-Surleaf



  1. Who was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and why is she an important person to learn about during Black History Month?
  2. How did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf become a leader, and what positive changes did she make for her country, Liberia?
  3. What are some of the qualities that made Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a strong and influential leader?
  4. How did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's actions inspire others to work towards social justice and equality?
  5. Why is it important to celebrate and remember leaders like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who fought for a better world?
  6. Can you think of a time when you showed kindness and leadership, like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
  1. Critical Thinking Questions:
    1. Analyze the challenges Ellen Johnson Sirleaf faced as the first female African president. How did she overcome these obstacles to bring about positive change?
    2. Evaluate the impact of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's leadership on gender equality and women's rights in Liberia and beyond.
    3. Compare Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's leadership style with other influential Black leaders. How did her approach contribute to advancing social justice?
    4. Reflect on the importance of women's representation in leadership roles and how Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's presidency paved the way for future generations.
    5. How did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's actions and decisions as a leader affect the ongoing fight for social justice in Africa and the world?


    1. How did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's leadership challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes in Liberia, and what impact did this have on women's rights?
    2. Analyze the key policies implemented by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during her presidency. How did these policies address social justice issues and contribute to Liberia's development?
    3. Evaluate the role of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in promoting peace and reconciliation in Liberia after years of civil conflict. How did her leadership foster healing and unity?
    4. Reflect on the global significance of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's presidency as the first female African head of state. How did her achievements inspire other nations and leaders?
    5. Compare and contrast Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's approach to leadership with other influential Black women leaders in history. How did they shape the fight for social justice?
    6. Analyze the challenges Ellen Johnson Sirleaf faced in tackling corruption during her presidency. How did her efforts impact Liberia's path towards a more just society?
    7. Evaluate the role of education and technology in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's initiatives to promote sustainable development and equality in Liberia.
    8. Reflect on Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's role as a symbol of hope and inspiration for women and girls in Africa. How did she encourage gender equality and empower future leaders?
    9. Examine the criticism Ellen Johnson Sirleaf faced during her presidency. How did she respond to opposition and navigate complex political landscapes?
    10. Imagine you had the opportunity to advise Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during her presidency. What policy recommendations would you offer to further promote social justice and inclusive development?


      1. Spoken Word Performance: Create and perform spoken word poetry that explores Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's leadership journey and her impact on social justice in Liberia.
      2. Biography Writing: Compose detailed biographies of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, highlighting key milestones in her career and contributions to Black history.
      3. AI-powered Virtual Interview: Design a virtual interview experience with AI technology, where students can interact with a virtual representation of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and ask questions about her life and work.
      4. Art Exhibition: Curate an art exhibition inspired by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's legacy, using various art forms to portray her leadership and dedication to social justice.
      5. Dramatic Play: Collaborate to write and perform a play that showcases Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's leadership challenges and triumphs in Liberia's history.
      6. Social Justice Blogging: Create a team blog to discuss and analyze social justice issues Ellen Johnson Sirleaf tackled during her presidency, exploring their relevance in today's world.
      7. Technology-Enhanced Infographics: Develop interactive infographics to illustrate the impact of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's policies and leadership on Liberia's progress.
      8. Video Documentary: Produce a documentary highlighting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's journey, combining interviews, archival footage, and digital storytelling techniques.
      9. Social Justice AI Chatbot: Build an AI chatbot that provides information about Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's contributions to social justice and encourages users to engage in conversations about equality.
      10. Virtual Reality Experience: Design a virtual reality experience that allows users to immerse themselves in pivotal moments of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's life and experience her challenges firsthand.