Questions on Fergie Jenkins

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Fergie Jenkins and how he impacted society!
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Born in Chatham, Ontario, in 1942, Ferguson Arthur Jenkins was discovered by Philadelphia Phillies scout Gene Dziadura at the age of 15. While he initially had dreams to become a professional hockey player, Fergie’s 21-year professional baseball career began with the Phillies in 1965. At the time, he was the only pitcher in baseball history to strikeout more than 3,000 batters while accumulating less than 1,000 walks (997).



1) From what you just read, who was born at Chatham, Ontario, in 1942?

2) How long did Fergie's professional baseball career last?

3) What was his initial dream before becoming a baseball player?


1) How do you think Fergie's popularity and achievement contributed to the growth of the black society?

2) Why do you think it is important to be a good influence to the society?