Questions on Harriet Tubman!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Harriet Tubman and how she impacted society!

 A formerly enslaved American abolitionist, Harriet Tubman, is well known for leading enslaved African Americans from the United States to freedom in Canada through the “underground railroad”, Tubman led thousands of enslaved African Americans to freedom in Canada, specifically in St. Catherines, Ontario.

Harriet Tubman



1.How did Harriet Tubman's work during the Civil War contribute to the Union cause?

2. Historians/educators often focus on historical periods when African people were enslaved and leave out the fact that there were many slave revolts. Research three slave revolts that occurred in America during the enslavement of African people and discuss why history does not pay as much attention to this.

3. What characteristics did Tubman most likely possess to enable her to lead enslaved people to freedom? Identify and discuss these characteristics and the emotions that were probably felt by Tubman herself and those who followed her on this journey.

4. What obstacle do you feel Tubman faced based on her gender? Do women still face similar obstacles in leadership roles today? Discuss and explain.

5. Find points on the underground railroad in the United States and calculate using your phone/laptop how long it would take by foot to St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada?

 6. What other historical figures played active roles in the emancipation of formerly enslaved persons in America and Canada?

7. How did Harriet Tubman's experiences as a slave inform her work as an abolitionist and conductor on the Underground Railroad?

8. What specific tactics and strategies did Tubman use to successfully guide enslaved individuals to freedom?

9. How did Harriet Tubman's involvement in the Civil War, specifically her role as a scout and nurse for the Union Army, impact her legacy as a freedom fighter?

10. How did Harriet Tubman's activism and leadership influence the broader movement for abolition and civil rights?

11. What was Harriet Tubman's role in the women's suffrage movement?

12. How did Harriet Tubman's race and gender shape her experiences and the reception of her activism?

13. How did Harriet Tubman's religious beliefs inform her abolitionist work?

14. What was Harriet Tubman's relationship with Frederick Douglass, and how did they collaborate in their activism?

15. How has Harriet Tubman's legacy been remembered and celebrated in the years since her death?

16. How has Harriet Tubman's story been told and retold throughout history, and how has this impacted the way she is remembered toda


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