Questions on Henry Bibb!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Henry Bibb and how he impacted society!

Henry Bibb published The Voice of the Fugitive, the first black newspaper in Upper Canada in 1851. Bibb was a lecturer, abolitionist, author, and newspaperman. In the 1850s, Bibb and his family settled in the Windsor region and he was elected as the president of the Windsor Anti-Slavery Society.



  1. Who is Henry Bibb and what role did he play in Canadian history?
  2. How did Henry Bibb escape from slavery in the United States and come to settle in Canada?
  3. What challenges did Henry Bibb face as a Black person living in Canada in the 1800s?
  4. How did Henry Bibb work to help other escaped slaves reach freedom in Canada?
  5. What was Henry Bibb's role in the Underground Railroad?
  6. How did Henry Bibb's experiences as a slave and as a free person in Canada shape his views on equality and justice?
  7. How did Henry Bibb's activism and writings contribute to the abolitionist movement in Canada and the United States?
  8. How did Henry Bibb's life and legacy inspire future generations of Black Canadians and activists?
  9. What were some of the accomplishments of Henry Bibb during his lifetime?
  10. How is the legacy of Henry Bibb remembered and celebrated today?
  11. Why was the Voice of the Fugitive important?
  12. Why is having community newspapers/media presently still important?
  13. How many people were involved with the Refugee Home Society project and what was its importance?
  14. How did the anti-slavery movement in Canada differ from that in the United States?