Questions on James Douglas

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about James Douglas and how he impacted society!
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In 1858, Sir James Douglas became the first Governor of the Colony of British Columbia. Douglas, a former fur trader and politician is often credited as "The Father of British Columbia". As Governor, sir James Douglas was instrumental to the resettlement of 35 African-Americans fleeing a life of racial persecution in San Francisco.



1) What province was Sir James Douglas Governor of? Research more about this province 

2) What year did Si James become Governor?

3) How many African-Americans did Sir James Douglas help resettle in British Columbia? 


1) How many African Americans was Sir James Douglas key to resettling?

2) What services did Sir James make to the crown to be knighted?

3) Sir James Douglas was seen as the ‘Father of British Colombia’, explain the significance of that title. What does it mean to be the ‘Father’ of something in society?