Questions on Jean Augustine!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Jean Augustine and how she impacted society!

 Jean Augustine was the first African-Canadian woman elected to the Parliament of Canada. Augustine was solely responsible for championing legislation to recognize February as Black History Month in Canada. Born in Grenada, Augustine immigrated to Canada in 1960 where she became a trailblazing politician and social activist.



1) Where was Jean Augustine born?

2) Where did Jean Augustine immigrate to?

3) What was Jean Augustine responsible for?


  1. What were some of the major accomplishments of Jean Augustine during her time as a Member of Parliament?
  2. What role did Augustine play in the implementation of February as Black History Month in Canada?
  3. How did Augustine's experience as a civil rights activist influence her political career?
  4. What specific policies or initiatives did Augustine propose or support during her time in office to address issues faced by Black Canadians?
  5. What legacy has Jean Augustine left in Canadian politics and society, particularly in regards to the representation and rights of Black Canadians?
  6. Why was the federal government recognizing February as Black History Month important?

  7. Why is Black History Month important? What specific aspect of Black history do you think is constantly overlooked?

  8. By Augustine championing legislation to recognize February as Black History Month in Canada and succeeding, how did this change the celebration forever for the better or worse? Explain your answer.