Questions on John Ware!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about John Ware and how he impacted society!

John Ware was a Canadian cowboy who was influential in the early years of the growing ranching industry in Southern Alberta. John Ware had excellent horsemanship and was one of the first ranchers in Alberta. He arrived in Alberta in 1882 and remained there until his death in 1905.



  1. Who was John Ware and what was his significance as a black cowboy in Canada?
  2. What were some of the major accomplishments of John Ware throughout his career as a cowboy?
  3. How did John Ware's experiences as a Black cowboy shape his career and the issues he chose to focus on?
  4. How did John Ware's approach to cowboy life differ from that of other cowboys of his time?
  5. What specific challenges did black cowboys face in Canada during John Ware's time and how did he overcome them?
  6. How did John Ware's role as a cowboy contribute to the development of the ranching industry in Canada?
  7. How did John Ware's race and identity shape his experiences and the reception of his cowboy lifestyle?
  8. How has John Ware's legacy been remembered and celebrated by the black cowboy community and society as a whole?
  9. How did John Ware's story compare to the experiences of black cowboys in the United States?
  10. How does John Ware's story fit into the broader historical narrative of Black Canadians and their contributions to the development of the country?
  11. In what ways does the province of Alberta and Canada itself keep the memory of John Ware alive? Is this enough? How would you keep the memory of Ware alive? Discuss.
  12. Why was it important for the province of Alberta to encourage African-Americans to settle there? Is it important for present day Albertans and Canadians to know this history? Discuss.