Questions on Maya Angelou



  1. Who was George Crum, and why is he important in Black history?

  2. What did George Crum invent, and how did it become a popular snack?

  3. How did George Crum's invention impact people's lives and the food industry?

  4. What qualities do you think George Crum had that made him a remarkable person?

  5. Why is it essential to celebrate innovators like George Crum during Black History Month?

  6. Can you think of any other creative inventions that have made our lives better?

  7. How do you think George Crum's invention of potato chips has influenced the way we enjoy snacks today?

  8. How might George Crum's culinary contributions inspire other Black inventors and chefs around the world?

  9. Why is it important to recognize and appreciate the diverse contributions of individuals like George Crum in our history?

  10. If you could meet George Crum, what questions would you ask him about his life and his delicious invention?


      1. Analyze the challenges George Crum faced as a Black innovator during the 19th century. How did he overcome obstacles to create a culinary invention that stood the test of time?
      2. Evaluate the impact of George Crum's invention of potato chips on the food industry and global culture.
      3. Compare George Crum's culinary contributions with other influential Black inventors and their influence on society.
      4. Reflect on the significance of representation in the culinary world. How did George Crum's achievements inspire diversity in the food industry?
      5. Analyze the cultural and economic implications of George Crum's invention in the context of Black history and the world's food traditions.
      6. Examine the legacy of George Crum's invention in today's snack food industry. How has his innovation influenced modern food trends and consumer choices?
      7. Reflect on the intersectionality of race and entrepreneurship during George Crum's time. How did his accomplishments challenge stereotypes and promote social progress?
      8. Evaluate the ways in which George Crum's life and culinary contributions connect with broader themes of innovation and creativity in Black history.
      9. Imagine you could interview George Crum. What questions would you ask him about his life and impact on the world?
      10. Reflect on the importance of recognizing and celebrating lesser-known figures like George Crum during Black History Month. How can we honor his contributions to our shared history?


          1. Culinary Workshop: Organize a virtual or in-person cooking workshop where students research and recreate George Crum's original potato chip recipe. They can document their process through videos or blogs.

          2. Interactive Spoken Word Performance: Have students create spoken word poems that celebrate George Crum's culinary innovations and contributions to Black history. They can record their performances and share them online.

          3. Digital Biography: Ask students to collaboratively create a digital biography of George Crum, using multimedia elements like videos, images, and infographics to showcase his life, career, and impact.

          4. AI-Powered Cooking Assistant: Challenge students to design an AI-powered cooking assistant that offers fun facts about George Crum while guiding users in preparing potato chips.

          5. Food History Podcast Series: Have students research George Crum's life and the history of potato chips, then produce a podcast series exploring their significance in the context of Black history and the food industry.

          6. Art Exhibition: Encourage students to create artworks that depict George Crum's life and legacy, and curate a virtual art exhibition to showcase their pieces.

          7. Dramatic Play: Collaborate on a theatrical performance portraying significant moments in George Crum's life and the challenges he overcame. Students can perform the play in person or through a virtual platform.

          8. Writing Contest: Host a writing contest where students compose essays or short stories discussing the impact of George Crum's invention on the culinary world and its cultural significance.

          9. Augmented Reality Experience: Challenge students to create an augmented reality experience that brings George Crum's story to life. Users can interact with virtual elements that depict his life and achievements.

          10. Online Food Tasting Event: Organize a virtual food tasting event where students and their families can try different types of potato chips while learning about George Crum's history and contributions.