Questions on Mayann Francis!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Mayann Francis and how she impacted society!

Mayann Francis was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and raised in Whitney Pier. She was the 31st
Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Mayann Francis was the director and CEO of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. She also served as Nova Scotia's provincial ombudsman, the first woman to be appointed to that post.


  1. Who is the Governor General of Nova Scotia and what is their role in the province?
  2. How is the Governor General of Nova Scotia chosen and what are the qualifications for this position?
  3. What are the main responsibilities of the Governor General of Nova Scotia?
  4. How does the Governor General represent the Queen and the Canadian government in Nova Scotia?
  5. How does the Governor General work with the Premier and other government officials in Nova Scotia?
  6. What is the significance of the Governor General's residence in Nova Scotia?
  7. How does the Governor General promote and support cultural, social and economic development in Nova Scotia?
  8. How does the Governor General engage with community and civic organizations in Nova Scotia?
  9. What is the history of the position of Governor General in Nova Scotia?
  10. How does the Governor General's role in Nova Scotia compare to that of other provinces?
  11. Why is the fact that Mayann Francis is originally from Whitney Pier in Nova Scotia important to those from that area?
  12. What does a Lieutenant Governor of a province do? Why is it important for the role of a Lieutenant Governor to be represented by members of minority communities?