Questions on Phyliss Marshall!

Answer the following questions of your choosing to learn more about Phyliss Marshall and how she impacted society!

 Phyliss Marshall was a Canadian singer and actress. She is remembered as one of Canadian television's earliest stars, and as a pioneer among African-Canadian performers. Phyliss Marshall’s singing career started at the young age of 15 years old. She did stage work in both Canada and the United States, as well as television and radio work.



1) At what age did Phyliss Marshall begin her music career?

2) Where did Phyliss Marshall perform that made her known across Canada?

3) Did Phyliss Marshall only do stage work in Canada?


1) Phyllis Marshall performed during World War 2, what difficulties do you think a Black performer would encounter during this time?

2) What obstacles do you think Marshall pertaining to her gender she encountered while touring the United States and Canada?

3) Phyllis Marshall was a pioneer among Canadian performers. Explain the importance of black female performers on television and in the music industry.