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Rosemary Brown was Canada's first Black female member of a provincial legislature. Brown was the first woman to run for leadership of a federal political party. Rosemary Brown devoted her life to the cause of justice and equality for women and minorities. Brown also served as the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.



  1. What led Rosemary Brown to become involved in politics and activism, particularly in regards to issues faced by Black Canadians and women?
  2. What were some of the major accomplishments of Rosemary Brown during her time as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia?
  3. How did Rosemary Brown's experiences as a Black woman shape her political career and the issues she chose to focus on?
  4. How did Rosemary Brown's political ideology and approach differ from those of other Black Canadian politicians of her time?
  5. What specific policies or initiatives did Rosemary Brown propose or support during her time in office to address issues faced by Black Canadians and women?
  6. How did Rosemary Brown's activism and leadership influence the broader movement for civil rights and gender equality in Canada?
  7. What was Rosemary Brown's role in the feminist movement in Canada?
  8. How did Rosemary Brown's race and gender shape her experiences and the reception of her activism?
  9. How has Rosemary Brown's legacy been remembered and celebrated in the years since her death?
  10. How has Rosemary Brown's story been told and retold throughout history, and how has this impacted the way she is remembered today?


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