“M” is the first letter shared by the names of a few critical leaders who made the black community strong today. Is it just a coincidence? Or does this letter signify something more? On this poster you will find images of five influential Black male leaders and compel us to reflect heavily on their historic contribution to Black history.

Get this poster for your community centre, workplace, or school, and have a refreshing debate with your fellow about this theory of coincidence.

Question: Is there a historic Black leader who has a “M” in their name you think has made a significant contribution to Black history? What word starting with “M” links these historical figures? (Example: “motivators”)

  • Featured personalities: former President of South Africa and activist Nelson Mandela, singer and revolutionary Bob Marley, activist and leader Malcolm X, leader Marcus Garvey and the icon of the civil rights movement Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Dimensions: 19” x 27”
  • Double-sided: English and French
  • Safe packaging and professionally printed
  • Shipped via expedited post
  • Artwork by Robert Small